APEX offers to sell plastic welding machines which quality is second to none.  We maintain stocks for selling units and also rental units are available.  
The following are the brands we carry and distribute to the market to further cater the needs of our customers: 

BAK (Switzerland) - Extrusion Machines, Hot Gas Welding Machines, Wedge Welding
Machines, Air Heaters and Blowers
Hurner (Germany) - Electrofusion Machines
AGRU  (Austria) - IR Fusion Machines
Widos (Germany) - Butt Fusion Machines

Brand: Hurner
Range: > 710mm in size
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Air Heaters and Blowers
Brand: BAK
Hand Welding Extruder


Brand: BAK
Hot Wedge Welding Machine
Brand: BAK
Range: 0.5mm – 3.0mm
Hot Air Welding Gun
Brand: BAK
IR Fusion Welding Machine
Brand: Agru
Range: 20mmØ - 315mmØ
Butt Fusion Welding Machine
Brand: Widos
Range: 25mm Ø – 2600mm Ø
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